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Ryan Galloway

I help brands tell great stories.

I'm a writer, editor, content strategist, and founder of 18|Orion, a full-service content agency. Find out more at www.18orion.com.

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Is the Era of Big Data Over? - WorkIntelligent.ly

Is Big Data done? The business world has rapidly become disillusioned with the messianic promises of Big Data, but what does it mean for your business?...

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3 Cloud Computing Myths Debunked - Work Intelligently

Cloud computing is everywhere. In the few short years since it exploded onto the tech scene, it's become an integral part of lives and businesses around globe....

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7 Things to Know About Young Professionals

You've seen this movie: the young upstart enters a board meeting, slouches into a chair, and tells everyone exactly what they're doing wrong and how he's going to shake things up and make them all rich.

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4 Ways Baby Boomers Can Educate Millennials in the Workplace

Contrary to popular belief, Millennials are ready to listen. Here are four ways baby boomers can educate millennials in the workplace....

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Does the End of Net Neutrality Mean the End of the Cloud?

A recent federal appeals court ruling effectively demolished the FCC’s net neutrality rules, which could affect the flow of information your business needs....