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Ryan Galloway

I help brands tell great stories.

I'm a writer, editor, content strategist, and founder of 18|Orion, a full-service content agency. Find out more at www.18orion.com.

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Museatlassian article

There's Someone Who Knows What Your Job Will Look Like in 10 ...

Want a glimpse into your future at work? Ask Dom Price. As Atlassian's work futurist and head of research and development, Dom knows a thing or two about where the world of work is heading. He's spent the last decade studying how teams work and the way workplaces are evolving to changes in technology and culture.

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The Content Strategist

7 Things You Should Know Before Researching Content Marketing ...

To ensure that vendors provide proposals that are accurate, actionable, customized to your business, and won’t waste your time and money, here are seven factors you should understand before you start shopping around.

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Will The Eurozone's Next Tech Hub Be In Berlin?

They call it Silicon Allee.

Well, some do. And if you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s likely that you will soon. Silicon Allee, the self-styled pseudonym for Berlin’s burgeoning startup scene, appears poised to become the Eurozone’s next hot tech hub.

Musetech article

Stay Current in Tech with This One Tactic

Working in tech means being at the forefront of new trends, having massive opportunity for advancement, and (let’s be honest) often commanding a pretty great salary.

But staying at your best in tech means constantly chasing moving targets.

Muse article

Cybersecurity Will Impact the Future of Tech Careers - The Muse

While you were looking for ways to boost your career and sidestepping arguments about politics at work, many major companies spent last year looking for ways to deal with data breaches.

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The Content Strategist

7 Big Content Strategy Mistakes Marketers Make—and How to Avoid ...

These are some of the most common content strategy mistakes that plague first-time brand publishers. Avoid them at all costs.

2818229 article

3 ways to keep your donors engaged with high quality content

Quality content can increase both awareness and donations for nonprofits that execute it well. But there are a few things to keep in mind before you embark on any editorial strategy for your nonprofit marketing.

6718994 orig article

Need to spark innovation? Hire a weirdo

It's the Holiday season, and here at RelSci, that’s got us thinking about new and better ways of doing business in the New Year. Okay, weirdos may seem like a strange place to start, but once you see the facts below, you’ll see why they (and diversity in general) are the place to start. Ready to let your stripes show?

Ryang article
The Content Strategist

Why Your Brand Needs an Editor | The Content Strategist, by ...

In content marketing, credibility is king. Building an owned audience only works if your readers trust you. That trust is hard to earn, but it’s all too easy to lose—especially if your content marketing is more marketing than content.

1585052 article

Creative collaboration is driving the next evolution of marketing

Marketing is no longer just about big advertising budgets. It’s about who’s got skin in the game. Smart brands are inviting their customers to collaborate, enhancing their own marketing power.

Open uri20140331 23171 1b60zua article

To Shape The Future Of Business, Mentor A Millennial

They've been called lazy, selfish, entitled and needy. They're powerless without their gadgets. They expect a constant stream of praise. They're millennials, and they're the object of these and more stereotypes, almost all of which paint them as a nightmare to work with. But as millennials join...

Working.w.brands.new  article
The Content Strategist

The Editor's Guide to Working With Brands — The Content Strategist

It’s a different world on the brand side—but learning the rules isn’t really that hard.

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Business Insider

These Entrepreneurs Have Made Giving Back A Huge Part Of Their Companies' Success

Giving back doesn't just affect those in need. Businesses can reap substantial benefits from social good, as well. By building a brand with a reputation for social good, TOMS has earned an estimated $40 million in revenue to-date and become one of the most recognized and trusted brands among the coveted millennial demographic.

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3D Printing And The Future Of Prosthetics

The latest development in prosthetic limbs didn't begin in a hospital or a university lab. Instead, it started with a...


Internal entrepreneurs can unlock innovation—if you let them

Internal entrepreneurs—driven, innovative thinkers within your organization—can take your company to the next level, but only if you give them the space they need to create and develop their ideas.