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Ryan Galloway

I help brands tell great stories.

I'm a writer, editor, content strategist, and founder of 18|Orion, a full-service content agency. Find out more at www.18orion.com.

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3 ways to keep your donors engaged with high quality content

Quality content can increase both awareness and donations for nonprofits that execute it well. But there are a few things to keep in mind before you embark on any editorial strategy for your nonprofit marketing.

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Need to spark innovation? Hire a weirdo

It's the Holiday season, and here at RelSci, that’s got us thinking about new and better ways of doing business in the New Year. Okay, weirdos may seem like a strange place to start, but once you see the facts below, you’ll see why they (and diversity in general) are the place to start. Ready to let your stripes show?

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Creative collaboration is driving the next evolution of marketing

Marketing is no longer just about big advertising budgets. It’s about who’s got skin in the game. Smart brands are inviting their customers to collaborate, enhancing their own marketing power.


Internal entrepreneurs can unlock innovation—if you let them

Internal entrepreneurs—driven, innovative thinkers within your organization—can take your company to the next level, but only if you give them the space they need to create and develop their ideas.

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#NoFilter: How millennials' culture of oversharing sabotages their ...

Millennials are notorious for oversharing, both on social media and in the real world. Will their #NoFilter culture hurt their ability to make meaningful networking connections?