Ryan Galloway

Ryan Galloway

I help brands tell great stories.

I'm a writer, editor, content strategist, and founder of 18|Orion, a full-service content agency. Find out more at www.18orion.com.

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The Content Strategist

7 Things You Should Know Before Researching Content Marketing ...

To ensure that vendors provide proposals that are accurate, actionable, customized to your business, and won’t waste your time and money, here are seven factors you should understand before you start shopping around.

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The Content Strategist

7 Big Content Strategy Mistakes Marketers Make—and How to Avoid ...

These are some of the most common content strategy mistakes that plague first-time brand publishers. Avoid them at all costs.

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The Content Strategist

Why Your Brand Needs an Editor | The Content Strategist, by ...

In content marketing, credibility is king. Building an owned audience only works if your readers trust you. That trust is hard to earn, but it’s all too easy to lose—especially if your content marketing is more marketing than content.

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The Content Strategist

The Editor's Guide to Working With Brands — The Content Strategist

It’s a different world on the brand side—but learning the rules isn’t really that hard.