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Ryan Galloway

I help brands tell great stories.

I'm a writer, editor, content strategist, and founder of 18|Orion, a full-service content agency. Find out more at www.18orion.com.

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Museatlassian article

There's Someone Who Knows What Your Job Will Look Like in 10 ...

Want a glimpse into your future at work? Ask Dom Price. As Atlassian's work futurist and head of research and development, Dom knows a thing or two about where the world of work is heading. He's spent the last decade studying how teams work and the way workplaces are evolving to changes in technology and culture.

Musetech article

Stay Current in Tech with This One Tactic

Working in tech means being at the forefront of new trends, having massive opportunity for advancement, and (let’s be honest) often commanding a pretty great salary.

But staying at your best in tech means constantly chasing moving targets.

Muse article

Cybersecurity Will Impact the Future of Tech Careers - The Muse

While you were looking for ways to boost your career and sidestepping arguments about politics at work, many major companies spent last year looking for ways to deal with data breaches.